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In a population of 7 billion, I think it’s pretty safe to say that, when it comes to personality types, no one is unique! Sure, every person feels about something a certain way, but all those attributes come together to design your personality.

There have been multiple ways for people to determine someone’s personality – whether it be from your palm lines, or the alignment of stars, or even the worry-lines on your forehead. And just like these, the date you were born on also tells us a lot about you as a person.

What will you say when someone predicts your personality just by knowing your birth date? Is it possible? Well yes! Some facts about your birth date are enough to reveal about yourself. They surely cannot determine your future, but it can tell you which qualities do you excel in!

If you were born on these dates on any month, then you were born to be a leader. You have an innate quality to influence people.


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